This method provides the tax payer details for a given GSTIN number.

The format and details of GetGSTIN API request is depicted in following table.







URL Parameters


URL Parameter Description

GSTIN – GSTIN number for which the details are required

Request Payload

Request Header

Attributes Description


client id to be provided by E-Invoice System


client secret to be provided by E-Invoice System


GSTIN of the authenticated user


User name of the authenticated user


Authorization Token

Response Payload

Attributes Description
Status Status of the Get GSTIN Details API request(values 1-Success and 0- Failure)
Data If Status is 1
ErrorDetails If Status is ‘0’
InfoDtls Any additional message to be conveyed would be passed.

If Status is "1"

Data Base 64 encoded string of decrypted invoice JSON using Sek.
After decrypting Data the following attributes are obtained as below.
Attributes Description
Gstin GSTIN for which the details are provided
TradeName Trade Name of the GSTIN .
LegalName Legal Name of the GSTIN
AddrBnm Address
AddrBno Address
AddrFlno Floor number
AddrSt Street
AddrLoc Location
StateCode State Code
AddrPncd PIN code
TxpType Taxpayer Type
BlkStatus Block Status

If Status is "0"

ErrorDetails Base 64 encoded string.
On decoding ErrorDetals the following attributes from JSON array are obtained as follows.
ErrorCode Unique error code
ErrorMessage Error Description

Sample Json for GetGSTIN (GSTIN details)

Get GSTIN Response

"ErrorDetails": null,
"InfoDtls":"<alert message >"

"data" JSON (corresponds to the data element of GetGSTIN Response(Success))

      "TradeName":"VIKAS EXPORTS",
      "LegalName":"VIKASEXPORTS ",
      "AddrFlno":"1st floor",
      "AddrSt":"6th main",

JSON(in case of error)

"status": "0",
"Data": null,
"ErrorDetails":"<Errors JSON >",
"InfoDtls": "<alert message >"


  1. "Status" will have values as 'ACT' (Active) or 'CNL' (Cancelled) or 'INA' (Inactive) or 'PRO' (Provision). Considered active only if status='ACT'
  2. The "blkStatus" indicates the status of blocking of generation of E Way Bill and will have following values
    i) 'U' or '' for Unblocked
    ii) 'B' for blocked - E Way Bill generation is not allowed for tax payers who have not filed the returns for last two months