Release Notes

Version 1.03:

Date: 05/08/2020

  1. Updated the JSON Schema for the generation of IRN as per the schema notified by the Government on 30th July 2020.
  2. The new schema and sample JSON for generation of IRN can be obtained from
  3. Based on the updated schema, feedback and assessment on sandbox environment, certain validations in 'Generate IRN' API are modified, the updated validations are available at
  4. No changes in other APIs.
  5. New API for Cancellation of E Way Bill is added.
  6. Master lists and Error list are updated.
  7. For the end points of the version 1.03 APIs, please login into the portal and visit "API End Points" in the menu
Version 1.02:

Date: 25/06/2020

In 'Generate e-Waybill by IRN' API response JSON, the attribute 'EwayBillNo' is changed to 'EwbNo', attribute 'EwayBillDate' changed to 'EwbDt', “ValidUpto” changed to “EwbValidTill”.

Date: 02/06/2020

In 'Generate e-Waybill by IRN' API, the attribute 'TrnDocNo' is changed to 'TransDocNo', attribute 'TrnDocDt' changed to 'TransDocDt' and data type of 'Distance' is changed to String.

Sandbox Release Date - 14/05/2020.

e Invoice API version 1.02 is available for testing on the Sandbox. Notable changes in this version are,

  1. Generation of E Way Bill as part of IRN generation API enabled
  2. API for generation of E Way Bill using the IRN is operational
  3. Validations applied for Generation of IRN, Generation of E Way Bill and Cancellations are updated in the respective API documentations
    ( , ,
  4. Validations mentioned above have been implemented at the server side. Payloads have to conform with these validations for successful operations.
  5. In the API URL please replace v1.01 with v1.02 .
  6. Version 1.01 will continue as it is for some time and will be phased out.

Version 1.01:

Sandbox Release Date - 05/03/2020.

  1. API version number is part of the URL. Please Login into the portal to get the endpoints of new version.
  2. Generate IRN request payload will be as per the latest schema published by GSTN.
  3. The response for ‘Generate IRN’ API will have additional attributes "EwbNo","EwbDt", "EwbValidTill"
  4. The response JSON structure will be as follows
        "Status": "x",
        "Data": <Encrypted Data>,
        "ErrorDetails":"<Errors JSON>",
        "InfoDtls": "<alert message>"
    "Status" will be ‘0’ for failure, ‘1’ for success, If success, “Data” will have values, if failure, “ErrorDetails” will have values. Any additional information, will be provided through “InfoDtls” as follows.
    • a. If the Generate IRN is called with same document details more than once, the “InfoDtls” will have an object as follows.
      "InfoDtls": [{
      "InfCd": "DUPIRN",
      "Desc": {
      "AckNo": 12100028671,
      "AckDt": "2020-02-29 14:51:00",
      "Irn": "bc368ad93c9fa76a40167f2e16190dc56c93e6c0caf0d0a65c0a8317c9b19f4a"
    • b. If the Generate IRN request has details related to E Way Bill generation and if the E Way Bill could not be generated, the “InfoDtls” will have an object as follows.
      "InfoDtls": [{
      "InfCd": "EWBERR",
      "Desc": [{
      "ErrorCode": "110",
      "ErrorMessage": "Invalid Client-ID/Client-Secret"
    • c. If any other information to be shared in response, the “InfoDtls” attribute will have the following object.
      "InfoDtls": [{
      "InfCd": "ADDNLNFO",
      "Desc": “<Any information to be shared>”
  5. New validations are being applied on the IRN generation. Consuming applications are supposed to prepare the payload as per the validations, server side validations are being implemented in phased manner.
  6. Mapping of technical and JSON attribute names for IRN is provided.
  7. API for generation of E Way Bill for a given IRN is being provided (will be operational by 01/04/2020).
  8. Generation of E Way Bill as part of IRN registration will be operational by 01/04/2020.
  9. GetGSTINDetails API is enabled.
  10. “ErrorDetails” and the “InfoDtls” will be in plain text and not as Base64 encoded format as mentioned in earlier documentation.
Version 1.00:

As the version 1.00 need not co-exist with the latest version, documentation and APIs for old version are discarded in the sandbox.