Master codes List

Master Name Code Description
Type of Transaction B2B Business-to- Business
B2G Business-to- Government
EXP Exports
Transaction Description RG Regular Charge
RC Reverse Charge
Transaction Type REG Address Same as Seller and Buyer
DIS Dispatch Address different from Seller Address
SHP Ship To Address is different from Buyer Address
CMB Both Dispatch and Shipping Address is different from Seller and Buyer
Document Types INV Invoice
CRN Credit Note
DBN Debit Note
Unit BAG Bags
BAL Bale
BDL Bundles
BKL Buckles
BOU Billions of Units
BTL Bottles
BUN Bunches
CAN Cans
CBM Cubic Metres
CCM Cubic Centimetres
CMS Centimetres
CTN Cartons
DOZ Dozens
DRM Drums
GGK Great Gross
GMS Grams
GRS Gross
GYD Gross Yards
KGS Kilograms
KLR Kilolitre
KME Kilometre
LTR Litre
MTR Metre
MLT Millilitre
MTS Metric Ton
NOS Numbers
OTH Others
PAC Packs
PCS Pieces
PRS Pairs
QTL Quintal
ROL Rolls
SET Sets
SQF Square Feet
SQM Square Metre
SQY Square Yards
TBS Tablets
TGM Ten Gross
THD Thousands
TON Tonnes
TUB Tubes
UGS US Gallons
UNT Unit
YDS Yards
Export Category DIR Direct
DEM Deemed
SEZ SEZ(Special economic zone)
SED SEZ Developer
Payment Details CASH Cash
EPAY Electronic Payment
DIRDBT Direct Debit
OTH Other
Cancellation Reason 1 Duplicate
2 Data Entry Mistake