API Error codes List

The Error codes and descriptions are provided below. This is not a complete list, for details of all the errors. The getErrorList API may be used after authentication.

Error Code Error Description
1005 Invalid Token
1007 Authentication failed. Pls. inform the helpdesk
1008 Invalid login credentials
1010 Invalid Client-ID/Client-Secret
1013 Decryption of password failed
1014 Inactive User
2139 Error while creating invoice
2140 Error while validating invoice
2141 Error while cancelling invoice
2142 Incomplete Request Parameters
2143 Invoice does not belong to the user GSTIN
2144 Document Date is not in proper format
2145 IRN is not valid
2146 Unable to create IRN, Pls. try after some time
2147 Unable to sign invoice, Pl try after some time
2148 Requested Invoice data is not available
2149 Uploaded invoice already exists
2150 Duplicate IRN
5001 Application Error, Please Contact the help desk